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Growing to full artistry through the arts

The arts change our lives for the better. Technology has provided one more venue for artists to bring their work before the public. With a format that is easy to use, and openness to the particular gifts of artists, and arts groups, Artist-Tree helps everyone grow to their full artistry on the web.


Because the Artist-Tree is a “dynamic” site, that is, built upon a backend database, it is possible to search the web site’s database for pricing, description and categorical content. For instance, if someone were interested in “apples” as part of the description name, priced at $1500, the results from a search would provide all the results that fit that description. From the main page of Artist-Tree, all the artists could be searched in a similar fashion. This approach will work well for a gallery carrying multiple artists.

• A cost-effective web presence for visual artists. With this dynamic online portfolio, artists control editing, and content additions and deletions to their web sites.

• These web sites have been increasing art sales and broader awareness for artists’ work.

• Designing individual web sites, we sit with an artist or group to create a unique palette and style

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